Gala Ortin
is the driving force behind Vodhi

Ortin worked for a series of companies and freelanced for others after finishing her degree in Advertising, Public Relations and Journalism at Abat Oliba CEU University.

Years later she decided to travel the world while joining her husband, golfer and Barcelona-native Pablo Larrazabal, on his tournaments.

Much of the brand’s inspiration comes from those trips.

Vodhi comes from “Bodhi”,

a Sanskrit word that is generally translated as enlightenment or awakening.

The designer replaced the B with a V because 10 (V in Roman numerals) is her lucky number, one that has sentimental value and has played a role in a number of important events in her life.

“Sometimes you have to follow your instinct and let go, which can lead you to discover what truly moves you, and if you’re strong enough,

to fight and work hard every day to turn it into reality”.

Vodhi Collection | VIP CAPSULE 18 | JULIET


of swimswit

Vodhi is conceived and designed so that each piece can be mixed and matched, making it possible for customers to choose the size that best fits their particular body shape.

Vodhi offers the feeling of a second skin thanks to a blend of fabrics, the fewest seams possible and tops that have neither underwire nor foam. Vodhi swimwear is color-fast and won’t wrinkle.

These bikinis are designed to cover only what is necessary and nothing more, so you can show off all your curves!

Welcome to the Vodhi world! #V


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